RK Series Hydraulic rotary crusher

Use: The series of rotary crushers “RK” was studied for primary demolition. Thanks to a 360 ° rotation and a high power, the complete range is receiving immense popularity among insiders.

Reliability: The materials used (Hardox or Quard) and the design practical and well-designed, ensure high reliability and superior performance.  A compact rotation unit and a fully protected cylinder ensure durability in time.

Interchangeability: Easily interchangeable teeth and blades  reduce the machine inoperative phases.

Speed Valve (Optional): Possibility, upon request, to fit a speed valve on some models of the range.


Rotating crusher for primary demolition:
• 5 models for excavators with operating weight from 5 to 45 t
• Compact-designed 360° rotation
• Fully-protected cylinder
• Speed Valve (Optional)
• High power levels
• Interchangeable blades and tips